Sea Grill Restaurant

sea grill ninty two

I spent three years on Guam. When I lived there I worked as the General Manager of Sea Grill Restaurant in Tumon (the largest village.)

sea grill fifty seven

Sea Grill was composed of Tail of the Whale Bar, The Rooftop Beer Garden, Diner Under the Sea (in the aquarium downstairs,) Sky Lounge upstairs, and the main dining room. We sometimes rented the rooms separately for tour groups or schools. However, usually they all functioned as one restaurant. All the food was cooked in the same kitchen.

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As anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows, it was long hours. I usually took Wednesdays off because it was the slowest day. However, I worked every other day of the week. Most days I worked open to close (11am to 11pm.) However, every month my managers and I would spend a late night doing inventory until 2am or so.

tables up in sky lounge

Sea Grill did buffets for every holiday, so that required a lot of extra attention. In addition, all events had to be coordinated with our marketing department, as well as with the plaza that we were part of. That meant that a lot of the job was talking to people and making sure that they were happy, or figuring out what would make them happy.

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In addition to the routine things a manager deals with, I also did a lot of extra things.

I oversaw the remodel of the Tail of the Whale Bar. I also had to write new training manuals, implement a new food code passed by Guam in 2014, and organize special training for things like carrying trays (which the employees had never done before.) It was a lot to coordinate.

sea grill eighty four

I enjoyed my time at Sea Grill, and my boss Erik Pederson was a great guy. I would have loved to stay there! Unfortunately, I had a medical problem that prevented me from working for Sea Grill the whole time I was in Guam.

guam food code with tabs

Still, I had a great time. Managing a restaurant is hard work, but it’s rewarding. I made sure to leave copious notes when I left, and that things were in good hands.

I will always think of Sea Grill fondly.

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Avalon English


After I graduated from ASU, I took a job teaching English in South Korea.


I really wasn’t prepared for how hard it was going to be to adjust to the culture. I had to learn about new holidays, as well as a new language, and new ways to shop and travel.


I had volunteered as a teacher at The Thomas J Papas School for the Homeless, so I had a little bit of experience in a classroom. I had also volunteered at Tumbleweeds shelter (for teens) so I had a little bit of experience in talking with kids about difficult subjects.


However, nothing could prepare me for the role of a teacher in South Korean society. They expect a person to teach morals and values in addition to the subject matter. In Korea, it takes a village to raise a child. If any child asks you a question about anything, you’re supposed to give them your perspective.

29 014

At first this was hard, but I did learn to give advice with my lessons and to keep a cheerful and productive classroom in the meantime.


Later, I was given the freedom to design my own curriculum and write my own textbooks. I was very proud of my Dungeons and Dragons class, because the kids really enjoyed it, and they learned a lot of vocabulary from it.


I completed three contracts in South Korea, and worked under four different school directors. I was able to manage all the transition and complication, and still find time to explore the country.


In the end, it taught me a lot about teaching. However, I learned a lot more than that. I learned about culture, language and International Business. I gained perspective and became a more well-rounded person. I am very proud of the time I spent there.


The Dirty Drummer


Through my twenties, I did a lot of things. I earned an Associates Degree from Paradise Valley Community College, and a Bachelors Degree from Arizona State University.

me_and_danny_shoot_and_stuff 019

In addition, I managed Alice’s Restaurant, and curated the art gallery inside.

I also was also the Editor in Chief for SLAM Magazine, in addition to being a staff writer for The East Valley Tribune, State Press Magazine and State Press News. In addition, I freelanced for College Affair Magazine.


Through all of that, I worked at The Dirty Drummer Bar and Grill as a bar tender. The owner’s name is Zane Anderson, and he is still a friend. He went out of his way to work around all my other projects and give me a schedule I could work to supplement my income.

bar and Shari 018

I worked there for a long time, and I am proud to have made life long friends there.

It’s not the nicest bar in the world. However, it is a lot like that show Cheers, with regular customers who you need to know by name and drink. We had theme nights, dressed up for Halloween, and did a 5k every year to raise money for breast cancer research. It was a lot like a family.

70s_night 027

State Press News

State Press News One Red Paperclip

When I was in college at Arizona State University from 2006 to 2008, I wrote for the school news paper; called State Press News.

State Press News the Paper Heart

At this point, I had already run my own Magazine called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music,) and written for College Affair Magazine. In addition, I was doing an internship at the East Valley Tribune.

State Press News Downtown Phoenix

However, I took regular assignments with the ASU newspaper in addition to my other work. This was because I paid my way through my education mostly by winning scholarships. The more activities I did, the better it looked an my scholarship applications.

State Press Magazine twisted fairy tales

The school newspaper assigned me the things everyone else was too nervous to write about. For awhile I did a sex column for them, and I always ended up with the stories about “scary people” like the Goth subculture or the metal music scene.

State Press Magazine tempe improve

However, I took whatever assignments they gave me because I am an easy-going person and I am comfortable researching anything. I didn’t save many of my clips because I was often too busy to pick up the paper, but some of them are scattered throughout this post.

State Press News Goth Culture

SLAM Magazine

SLAM Spaz Kitty

Working on my resume always brings up old memories. I thought I would write about them, to remember the many fun jobs that I have had, and the exciting things that I have done.

For two years when I was younger, I ran a publication called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music) Magazine with my friend Carl Jenkins.

We covered local venues, arts, and music.

SLAM the mason jar

During that time, I was also managing a space at 7th Street and Pierce called Alice’s Restaurant, which served food and had beautiful art on the walls. (It was in a restored historic house, which is the middle house in the picture below.)

Picture 258

It was a busy time in my life, when the First Friday Art Walk was just getting started and the City of Phoenix was creating Copper Gate Square. I was really glad to be part of that time in Phoenix’s history.

Here is a picture that I adore (below).

In the background you can see a copy of SLAM Magazine on the mantle. On the walls you can see Art by Keegan, for our October First Friday showcase that year. And in the corner of the room behind the tables, you can see Dan Tedesco playing for our guests.

There is even a rack of local music CDs that we sold for artists back behind Dan.

This picture makes me feel so proud to be from Phoenix.

Picture 301