State Press News

State Press News One Red Paperclip

When I was in college at Arizona State University from 2006 to 2008, I wrote for the school news paper; called State Press News.

State Press News the Paper Heart

At this point, I had already run my own Magazine called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music,) and written for College Affair Magazine. In addition, I was doing an internship at the East Valley Tribune.

State Press News Downtown Phoenix

However, I took regular assignments with the ASU newspaper in addition to my other work. This was because I paid my way through my education mostly by winning scholarships. The more activities I did, the better it looked an my scholarship applications.

State Press Magazine twisted fairy tales

The school newspaper assigned me the things everyone else was too nervous to write about. For awhile I did a sex column for them, and I always ended up with the stories about “scary people” like the Goth subculture or the metal music scene.

State Press Magazine tempe improve

However, I took whatever assignments they gave me because I am an easy-going person and I am comfortable researching anything. I didn’t save many of my clips because I was often too busy to pick up the paper, but some of them are scattered throughout this post.

State Press News Goth Culture

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