The Dirty Drummer


Through my twenties, I did a lot of things. I earned an Associates Degree from Paradise Valley Community College, and a Bachelors Degree from Arizona State University.

me_and_danny_shoot_and_stuff 019

In addition, I managed Alice’s Restaurant, and curated the art gallery inside.

I also was also the Editor in Chief for SLAM Magazine, in addition to being a staff writer for The East Valley Tribune, State Press Magazine and State Press News. In addition, I freelanced for College Affair Magazine.


Through all of that, I worked at The Dirty Drummer Bar and Grill as a bar tender. The owner’s name is Zane Anderson, and he is still a friend. He went out of his way to work around all my other projects and give me a schedule I could work to supplement my income.

bar and Shari 018

I worked there for a long time, and I am proud to have made life long friends there.

It’s not the nicest bar in the world. However, it is a lot like that show Cheers, with regular customers who you need to know by name and drink. We had theme nights, dressed up for Halloween, and did a 5k every year to raise money for breast cancer research. It was a lot like a family.

70s_night 027

State Press News

State Press News One Red Paperclip

When I was in college at Arizona State University from 2006 to 2008, I wrote for the school news paper; called State Press News.

State Press News the Paper Heart

At this point, I had already run my own Magazine called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music,) and written for College Affair Magazine. In addition, I was doing an internship at the East Valley Tribune.

State Press News Downtown Phoenix

However, I took regular assignments with the ASU newspaper in addition to my other work. This was because I paid my way through my education mostly by winning scholarships. The more activities I did, the better it looked an my scholarship applications.

State Press Magazine twisted fairy tales

The school newspaper assigned me the things everyone else was too nervous to write about. For awhile I did a sex column for them, and I always ended up with the stories about “scary people” like the Goth subculture or the metal music scene.

State Press Magazine tempe improve

However, I took whatever assignments they gave me because I am an easy-going person and I am comfortable researching anything. I didn’t save many of my clips because I was often too busy to pick up the paper, but some of them are scattered throughout this post.

State Press News Goth Culture

SLAM Magazine

SLAM Spaz Kitty

Working on my resume always brings up old memories. I thought I would write about them, to remember the many fun jobs that I have had, and the exciting things that I have done.

For two years when I was younger, I ran a publication called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music) Magazine with my friend Carl Jenkins.

We covered local venues, arts, and music.

SLAM the mason jar

During that time, I was also managing a space at 7th Street and Pierce called Alice’s Restaurant, which served food and had beautiful art on the walls. (It was in a restored historic house, which is the middle house in the picture below.)

Picture 258

It was a busy time in my life, when the First Friday Art Walk was just getting started and the City of Phoenix was creating Copper Gate Square. I was really glad to be part of that time in Phoenix’s history.

Here is a picture that I adore (below).

In the background you can see a copy of SLAM Magazine on the mantle. On the walls you can see Art by Keegan, for our October First Friday showcase that year. And in the corner of the room behind the tables, you can see Dan Tedesco playing for our guests.

There is even a rack of local music CDs that we sold for artists back behind Dan.

This picture makes me feel so proud to be from Phoenix.

Picture 301

Mount Lam Lam

passion vine 1
This hike varies in difficulty depending on the weather. If you go early enough in the morning and it is a windy day, this can be a very nice hike.

wild orchid

If the air is still and you wait until too late in the day, it’s murder.

orange flower (big)

Either way, bring a lot of sunscreen because there is very little shade.

rich from the back

Also, make sure to have mosquito repellent for any spots you make in the shade. If it has been rainy (and it usually is) you will see a lot of mosquitoes.

rich and the view

There are two tops to Mount Lam Lam, and there is some dispute as to which one is the “real” top.

rich with crosses

On the right hand path, you will follow the stations of the cross up to one of the tops of the mountain. This has wonderful views of the ocean and many locals consider it the real top.


However, if you take the left hand path, you will get to the top of the mountain that is officially recognized as the top.


I have done both. The top with the crosses is a much shorter path because it goes straight up.


On the other hand, the surveyors top takes you down into the jungle, and then back up along a poorly marked trial until at last you climb the rocks to the marker.


It’s a beautiful view from either spot, and I recommend doing both (though maybe not in the same day.)


If you are Catholic, you might appreciate the little shrine about halfway up before the trail splits off.


Definitely take some time to enjoy the ground orchids, passion vines, and other beautiful plants.


On an amusing side note: The locals consider Mount Lam Lam to be the tallest mountain in the world because they measure from the bottom of the Marianas Trench to the top of the peak.


Therefore, if you climb Mount Lam Lam, you can amuse your friends by saying you climbed the tallest mountain in the world.


Another Gratuitous Sunset Post

sunset one eighty eight

I discovered when trying to show you all the sunsets that I have seen that I can only post forty at once. I use a free WordPress site for my blog, and apparently there are limitations (which is fine, because it’s free.)


Anyway, here are the rest of the sunsets I wanted to show you in my June 5th post.

sunset one eighty five


sunset one eighty nine


sunset one eighty three


sunset one eighty two


sunset one eighty


sunset one eleven


sunset one fifty eight


sunset one fifteen


(Note: We have an Airforce Base at the tip of the island and sometimes they play in the sunset.)

sunset one fifty nine


sunset one fifty one (2)


sunset one fifty six


sunset one fifty


sunset one forty five


sunset one forty nine


sunset one hundred one


sunset one seventeen



sunset two twenty


sunset two oh six


sunset two oh seven


sunset two oh one


sunsets two four three

Twenty One.

sunset two twenty four

Twenty Two.

sunset ten

Twenty Three.

sunset two oh eight

Twenty Four.

sunset one hundred thirty four

Twenty Five.

sunset two thirty six

Twenty Six.

sunset one sixty seven

Twenty Seven.

sunset one oh six

Twenty Eight.

sunset one seventy nine

Twenty Nine.

sunset twelve


sunset two oh five

Thirty One.


Thirty Two.

sunset two fifteen

Thirty Three.


Thirty Four.

sunset on the beach in hawaii with kristi

Thirty Five.

sunset sixty eight

Thirty Six.

sunset sixty three

Thirty Seven.

sunset one

Thirty Eight.

sunset two twenty nine

Thirty Nine.

sunset one tweleve


sunsets two four two

Of course it’s always better to see a tropical sunset in person. So, maybe some visit me in Guam and come see one!