What is this blog even about?

Local Artist Lisa Albringer's painting entitled "JD."
“JD” (yes, that is me) by an Arizona artist named Lisa Albringer. She painted me because she said I inspired her.

I started this blog in 2008 because my Online Media teacher Serena required it for her class.

At that time, it was supposed to be about local arts and culture in Phoenix. That was at Serena’s suggestion, because I had previously managed a magazine about local arts and culture and curated an art gallery.

For whatever reason, I kept writing even after I finished Serena’s class and graduated from ASU. Not all the time- mind you. Just when I have something to say.

Nowadays, I think of it is a place to put things that will hopefully inspire someone.

Maybe you happen to see a post about learning to drive elephants and you think: “I want to do that.”

Maybe you see a post about a band and think: “I want to see them.”

And if you do, then I have accomplished my mission.

Life can pass by so fast if you stay in one place and don’t get out and do things. You can wake up one day and be fifty years old, and realize that you never did all the things that you dreamed of doing.

As that is the case, and as I am a person who is always out doing things; I hope I can inspire you.

Go to the concert. Take the vacation. See the Pyramids.

You might get buyer’s remorse from that sweater you bought, but you will never regret money you spend on an experience. In the end, having an adventure or doing a new thing is priceless.