Sedona, Arizona

I was talking to a friend about places to go in Arizona to get out of town. She lives in Phoenix and sometimes she gets tired of being in the city. I was thinking about some of my favorite places when I lived there.


When I think of my favorite places, Sedona always comes up. There is a little place inside a box canyon called Enchantment Resort, and I have stayed there several times.

It’s a tucked away outside of town in a box canyon, and it’s just such a peaceful, stunning place to take a vacation.


It doesn’t matter what time of year you go. I think Fall is best because the hiking trails behind the resort have some trees that change color.


However, it’s a wonderful place to go any time.

Sedona has a wonderful arts scene, and there are lots of galleries to enjoy. There are pink jeep tours, and nature trails all over the place.


Plus, I think the red rocks are some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen, of all the places I have been on Earth.


Of course, not having a DSLR, my humble cell phone pictures can’t begin to convey how beautiful it really is. Even with a real camera, it’s not the same as seeing it in person.


All I am saying is, if you are in Phoenix and need a break, it’s an amazing place to take one.




Love & the Desert y J.D. DeLemont



Not long ago, I wrote about my first book, “The Vampire’s Sister.” That was a Choose Your Own Adventure for the app Multi-Path Audio Books and it was a lot of fun.

This time I am trying a romance. The Book is called “Love & the Desert” by J.D. DeLemont, and it’s a fun book set in Phoenix, with all my favorite folks making a guest appearance, including the bands Element a440 and Hardwire, and The Poison Pen Bookstore.

I wrote a guest post with more information on a friend’s blog. But the main point is, please check it out on and help me promote!

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