I went to visit my friend Sarah Huxhold in Seattle. While I was there, I had a great time driving around the Olympic Peninsula, visiting the parks and the troll under the bridge, and even going downtown to see Pike’s Peak market.


The very best parts about Seattle (in my opinion) are the fresh salmon and the fresh berries. I absolutely love blueberries and raspberries, and grilled salmon right out of the water is amazing.


Of course everyone was smoking pot in the streets, because it’s legal now in Washington. I didn’t mind so much. It smells better than cigarettes when you’re walking by.


For me though, it’s the crafts, the art, and the food that really makes me love Seattle. Well, that and my friends who live there! It really is a wonderful place.


Olympic Peninsula


The hiking all around Seattle is amazing, and I could never narrow it down to one spot and say “go there.” But the Olympic Peninsula is a deciduous rain forest that everyone should have an adventure in.


We hiked around on the coast, because I like to be near an ocean when I can. The tide pools were gorgeous, and full of bright green anemones and pink and orange star fish.


As it happens, we went to a beach that is famous. Little did I know, the place known as First Beach is in a book series called Twilight. So while we were looking at the impressive things in nature, we also got to see a lot of vampire groupies.


If you get the chance to go to Washington State, you should definitely hike through the Olympic Peninsula and visit the coast. It’s worth the drive.