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Fate's sign on 5th Street


I have been going to the downtown Phoenix campus of ASU for almost two weeks, and I have run into a lot of questions about good places to eat and things to do downtown. So, I want to make a suggestion for food right now, and we’ll work on what to do in a minute.

The very best food downtown, in my humble opinion, is Fate Asian Cuisine at 5th Street and Roosevelt Road, just south of Modified Arts Venue and Gallery. Fate has fantastic appetizers, great entrees, and a magnificent wine and martini list. The restaurant is under construction because they are expanding, but you can get a table any night except First Friday with ease. I recommend “The Healthy Asian” as an entree, with tofu. I am not a vegetarian, but Johnny Chu, owner of Fate, makes killer tofu. Web site here.

Now, you can’t get a table there on First Friday because it’s busy. This leads into something you should do downtown. The downtown Phoenix First Friday Art Walk has been around for years. If you missed it up until now, it’s never too late to get in on the fun. I recommend starting out at 7th Street and Roosevelt, and walking West towards Central Avenue. When you pass Fate at 5th Street, stop in because even though you won’t get a table, you will see great art, DJ’s, and a wonderful outdoor bar where service is speedy and drinks are strong.

As you head down around 3rd Street you should see Carly’s Bistro. If there was ever a place that you had to grab a snack, this is it. The food is tasty and because it is not necessarily a sit-down affair, it will be easier to get food there than at Fate. Their site here.

All along the way there are great galleries like The Eye Lounge that are waiting to welcome you. Look for good deals at the street vendors booths too. I have paid almost nothing for great art there. Some of my favorite pieces come from starving artists setting up a table and selling their beautiful masterpieces for half what they would go for in a gallery.

You can also catch the shuttle from Roosevelt Row over to The Grand Avenue Galleries and see great places like The Paisley Violin. But no matter what, just make sure you get out on First Friday (tomorrow!) and check out all the great places to go, and pick up fliers for events coming up in the next month. This one night everything will be open, and you can case the downtown area and figure out what is where, and when you should go. It’s an easy way to get “in the loop” about downtown.

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6 thoughts on “Fate and Fun”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on places to eat downtown. I dont go there very much, and when I do I tend to strike out a lot.

    First Fridays sounds good too. I have never seen it, and I am thinking I should check that out soon.


  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Just as a side note, if you go downtown for games, Alice’s Cooper’s Town at First Street and Jackson has great food, and they have all the pre-game shows and sport center action on TV.Plus, there is a lot to park in behind the building.

    You should definitely check out First Friday too; it’s a blast!

  3. I love fate! This is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Arizona. The menu is full of traditional Chinese favorites as well as original creations. They have a fairly unique wine list so you wont have the same thing that every other place has. Most importantly, the prices wont kill you. You can take a date and still have a bill under $50 with a bottle of wine. Very highly recommended!

  4. this place lokks cool but everytime i’ve gone inside it was ass-to-ass packed in there. i’d like to stay and check out the grub but it is just too damn popular to get a seat on the fly.

  5. Fate is very worth checking out. I recomend around 9pm or 10pm on a weekday (They are open until 11pm.) It’s nice when there is only a few other couples in the place. Don’t forget to check out the amazing re-model on the bathrooms.

  6. Have you tried the new place that the owner of Fate opened? I think it is close by.I hope they have as good a wine list.

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