Haunted Houses

The House During the Day
The House During the Day


Haunted Houses are one of the best parts of October. The most popular (or at least the most advertised) is Arizona Scream Park at 8823 E. McDowell Road in Scottsdale. As far as haunted houses go, it’s pretty great. The actors are well-paid and genuinely trying to scare you. However, the price is outrageous. Plan to spend $5 to park, then between $16 and $75 on tickets, depending on how much fun you want to have. The VIP ticket includes a monster escort.


If you want to get scared for FREE, there is Morbid Manor Charity House in Glendale.


Being scared is okay in a movie, but it’s really a lot more fun when something is coming at you and you can run away. That’s exciting! So check out a Haunted House this year and remember how much fun it is to get your blood pumping.


AZ Scream Park
AZ Scream Park

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