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Working on my resume always brings up old memories. I thought I would write about them, to remember the many fun jobs that I have had, and the exciting things that I have done.

For two years when I was younger, I ran a publication called S.L.A.M. (Support Local Arts & Music) Magazine with my friend Carl Jenkins.

We covered local venues, arts, and music.

SLAM the mason jar

During that time, I was also managing a space at 7th Street and Pierce called Alice’s Restaurant, which served food and had beautiful art on the walls. (It was in a restored historic house, which is the middle house in the picture below.)

Picture 258

It was a busy time in my life, when the First Friday Art Walk was just getting started and the City of Phoenix was creating Copper Gate Square. I was really glad to be part of that time in Phoenix’s history.

Here is a picture that I adore (below).

In the background you can see a copy of SLAM Magazine on the mantle. On the walls you can see Art by Keegan, for our October First Friday showcase that year. And in the corner of the room behind the tables, you can see Dan Tedesco playing for our guests.

There is even a rack of local music CDs that we sold for artists back behind Dan.

This picture makes me feel so proud to be from Phoenix.

Picture 301

Dan Tedesco at The Sail Inn in Tempe

The Sail Inn is a great spot, and Dan Tedesco is awesome live!

Dan Tedesco and band
Dan Tedesco and band


 I was supposed to be with my family Friday. But they ditched me, so I went to the Dan Tedesco show at The Sail Inn by myself last Friday. All I can say is; they’re sorry they missed it!

 The Sail Inn spent some time as Trax recently, before going back to being called The Sail Inn. While it was Trax, it underwent some very nice re-modeling and all of that is still there. There are plush couches, mirrored walls, and lots of nice places to chill. There are still two rooms inside and a big bar, and there is still a huge outside area with lots of tables and chairs.


Main Room
Main Room


In better weather, the show would have been on the outdoor stage. But of course, this is summer in Arizona. So the show was on the smaller stage inside. (Which was just fine for Dan and his band.)

 The Sail Inn filled up fast. The crowd was, as always, more diverse than at any other bar or venue I go to. There were people that looked barely 21, and people who looked like they could be grandparents. That has always been one of the nicest things about The Sail Inn. Anyone can go there and feel welcome. It’s not easy to find, and it’s literally on the “wrong side of the tracks” from Mill Avenue. But if you find your way to 1st Street and Farmer and you find The Sail Inn, you will feel welcome no matter who you are.


Lounge Area
Lounge Area


Dan Tedesco is a Chicago native who I met when he was attending ASU. At the time, he was a one-man-show. He had a lot of funny lyrics blended with uplifting rock n’ roll. After some time in Los Angeles and a pilgrimage back to Chicago, Dan has a whole band behind him now and a much bigger collection of songs.

 His songs are still infused with his quirky sense of humor, and they are still good old rock n’ roll. But the music has really filled out with the band behind him. It has room to become more complex, and more rich and enveloping.

 I have always had a hard time describing Dan’s style, because to me, it’s rock n. roll. But these days, people don’t believe in rock n’ roll anymore. They want to hear a complex genera description like “alternative-metal-rock” or something. I have explained other music as fusions of various genres. But in the case of Dan Tedesco, the music can’t be described as anything other than pure rock n’ roll.

Think vocals that are kind of like Tom Petty, but a little less stoned and more passionate; and then rock music with some Jimmy Hendricks-like guitar solos. That’s the best I can do. But you can hear it for yourself on Dan’s web site or on his Myspace, and in this case, that might be best.

 Overall, it was a good night. The Sail Inn is still a fun place to go, and Dan is still a great musician to go check out.