Sedona, Arizona

I was talking to a friend about places to go in Arizona to get out of town. She lives in Phoenix and sometimes she gets tired of being in the city. I was thinking about some of my favorite places when I lived there.


When I think of my favorite places, Sedona always comes up. There is a little place inside a box canyon called Enchantment Resort, and I have stayed there several times.

It’s a tucked away outside of town in a box canyon, and it’s just such a peaceful, stunning place to take a vacation.


It doesn’t matter what time of year you go. I think Fall is best because the hiking trails behind the resort have some trees that change color.


However, it’s a wonderful place to go any time.

Sedona has a wonderful arts scene, and there are lots of galleries to enjoy. There are pink jeep tours, and nature trails all over the place.


Plus, I think the red rocks are some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen, of all the places I have been on Earth.


Of course, not having a DSLR, my humble cell phone pictures can’t begin to convey how beautiful it really is. Even with a real camera, it’s not the same as seeing it in person.


All I am saying is, if you are in Phoenix and need a break, it’s an amazing place to take one.




Sedona Adventure

Sedona is beautiful. You should check it out.

Sedona is one of those places that really makes you feel that cool wonder-feeling. We are tiny people and the earth has things like The Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert, and Sedona which remind us how small we really are in relation to nature. The rock formations in Sedona are huge, and pictures can’t accurately convey what it feels like to stand next to them.

One of the rock formations in Sedona

My visit to Arizona in June was composed of several small trips with several wonderful people. One such person was Jeanette Watson, who happens to be my grandmother. In this picture, she is standing next to a Catalpa tree in a shopping center in Sedona.

Jeanette Watson

In the town, there are some neat things to see. For example, a very small but very nifty Catholic Church resides in the side of one of the red rock formations.

Church on the Rock

Our destination was just outside of town in a box canyon, at a place called Enchantment Resort. The main thing I have to say about this place is, the food is top-shelf. Everything there is really, really out of my price range. As with many things that are expensive, it is a very classy and high-quality place.


The views are really breath-taking everywhere in Sedona. However, there’s something particularly neat about being inside of one. That is an experience Enchantment resort provides.

Grandma on the deck looking at the view

Of course, the décor is old-west. I happen to like the style myself, though my vegan friends might cringe at the cow-skin rugs or the mirror rimed in antlers.

My reflection in antler mirror

It was a delightful trip though, as Sedona always is for me.

Grandma looking down at Oak Creek Canyon

On the way home, we took a detour though Oak Creek Canyon to appreciate the beautiful views. At the top of the canyon there is a nice “scenic vista” point where you can take pictures and buy Native American crafts. I highly recommend you stop there. And, just past that is Flagstaff, which has all kinds of delightful places to eat.

Taking the 89A through AZ

The 89a is a highway that takes a wandering path through arizona and connects seveal neat places to stop and enjoy.

The open road heading out of town
The open road heading out of town


I know you’re supposed to get your kicks on Route 66. But in Arizona, it’s the 89A that hits all the best spots. Don’t think I’m knocking Route 66, because it’s fun too. But the 89A is my favorite! This blog details a 6 hour road trip (accounting for stops to eat and hike) that you’ll love.


You can pick up the 89A in Wickenburg. You just take the US 60 out of town, and hit the 93 through Wickenburg, and you’ll see the signs for the 89A. It’s not far from Phoenix at all. While you’re in Wickenburg, stop at the Tasty Freeze for a snack and check out this adorable little western town.


The next town you come to is Prescott. There are a lot of cute shops in Prescott, and an old car dealership with some really beautiful classic cars. Stop and check out the many coffee shops and boutiques.


On the streets of Jerome
On the streets of Jerome


Jerome will be your next stop. This little town was founded as an artist’s collective, and it’s still mostly art galleries and craft shops. In Jerome you will find paintings, jewelry, and leather work that is unique and fun. Some of the stuff has a western feel to it, but most of it is just neat stuff.


Art in a Jermone shop
Art in a Jermone shop


You’ll also see a lot of rocks for sale. Mining turned out to be a great source of revenue for Jerome. It has done some unfortunate things to the country side. But then, so much of Arizona has copper pits and strip mines that I am almost used to the colorful slag heaps left behind as a legacy to what is underground here in AZ.


Leaving Jerome and the mining area
Leaving Jerome and the mining area


I passed right through Cottonwood. I am sure you could stop, but I was eager to get on to Sedona. Something about those red rocks calls to me. The landscape in Sedona doesn’t even look like it belongs on this planet. It’s like some otherworldly scene you have to see to believe.


Driving into Sedona and seeing red rocks
Driving into Sedona and seeing red rocks


The shopping in Sedona is out of my price range. But if you like western art and you can afford it, Sedona has got what you’re looking for. In addition, there are the pink jeep tours, which give you a great view natures sculptures in red. The formations were formed from wind erosion over millions of years, but it only takes an hour to tour them and get an up-close look.


The Sedona street, with scultures and art galleries
The Sedona street, with scultures and art galleries


Leaving Sedona on the 89A you find yourself driving through Oak Creek Canyon. This is a wonderful place to stop and hike. If you’re there in the summer, you can check out slide rock, which is a natural water slide formed by the creek flowing over the sandstone. It’s a refreshing stop for a dip.


Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon


As you’re leaving Oak Creek Canyon and heading for Falgstaff, there is a senic outlook. You want to stop. It’s a nice view, and the Apache Tribe sells some great art there.


Me checking out the view
Me checking out the view


Last stop in Flagstaff. Part mountain town, part college town, Flagstaff reminds me of a low-key version of Telluride or Aspen. It’s classy, and funky, and a great place to end your drive and stay the night. (And if you have had enough driving after 6 hours on the 89A, don’t worry! Take the I-17 back to Phoenix and you’ll be there in two hours.)


Mural in old town Flaggstaff
Mural in old town Flaggstaff


While you’re in Flagg, check out the town with its interesting murals and neat little shops. And of course, there is great hiking! Try snowbowl for ferns, aspen trees, and beauty like nowhere else in Arizona.


Hiking in snowbowl
Hiking in snowbowl