Thoughts On The Southwest

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I was driving across Nevada, and I had the opportunity to think about just how big the US is. When I was a teacher in South Korea, I used to try to explain the scale of the US and just how spread out everything is.

However, I never seemed to be able to convey to my Korean students or my European friends just what it means to drive for 900 miles in one day and still not be where you are going.

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The railroads crisscross the country, and so does the highway system.

By the way, both of those projects were huge and impressive. When you take into account the scale of the US as a country, it’s incredible to realize that rail lines and highways go all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.

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I guess this is sort of my tribute to wide open spaces. That’s the thing I probably love most about my country.

It’s true that there are wonderful public transportation systems in Europe and Asia. The level of infrastructure is often daunting, in fact.

All countries have their good points, and of course there is too much to list that a person could love about a country they come from.

But for me, it is the wide open spaces and the nature that I love best.

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