Bangkok Flower Market

close up of orchids

One of the places I loved the most in all of Thailand was the Bangkok Flower Market.

flower shop two

A tuk-tuk driver suggested it to me, and as I have always loved plants, I went to check it out.


Basically, it’s just a part of town next to the floating market where they have stalls selling fruits and flowers.

flower market zoomed out so you can see

That might not sound exciting to you (and if so I do understand) but I love plants and flowers so much!


The flowers are grown all over the country, and they are sold here to become wreaths and bouquets.


Most of them will become offerings to Buddha in a temple somewhere, but some are also for gifts and occasions.


Giving flowers, offering flowers, and having flowers around is a big part of Thai culture because it is a tropical country with good soil.


Even just walking around the streets I came upon amazing flowers all the time that stopped me in my tracks and made me take a picture.


So, this is my gratuitous post in tribute of the amazing flowers of Thailand.

tropical fruit

Please enjoy my bad cell phone pictures of some of the most beautiful flowers and fruit that I have ever seen.

more fruit for sale

I promise that if I ever go back, I will at least buy a mediocre camera first so I can take less blurry pictures.

pile of dragon fruit

Of course, if you did have a nice camera, would you want to take it on vacation?

Probably not…

So bad pictures it is!

elephant gets flower offerings