Christmas in Paris

Jenifer DeLemont in Paris
I know everyone says that Paris is beautiful in the spring, but I went for Christmas.


It’s not that they don’t have Christmas in South Korea. They do. It’s sort of a date day where you go around with your significant other and look at trees.


Korea is historically a Buddhist country, and it is only recently that Christmas even became a national holiday there because of pressure from the vocal minority who are Christian.


Anyway, instead I went to Paris.


I saw all the things you would expect, like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.


However, I also ventured off the beaten path to see Oscar Wilde’s grave in one of the cemeteries.


I hate to be cliche, but the best part was definitely the food. The food in Paris really is the best.


I ate everything! There was a little bakery by our hotel, and every morning the woman there would suggest breakfast pastries and pack us a lunch of meats and cheeses. It was heavenly.


We stayed outside the city and took the train in each morning. It was much cheaper that way, and it was nice to see a little country town.


Friends had suggested this after staying in the city and being kept up all night by the noise. If you are there to party until the middle of the night, then I suppose that is okay. That’s how some people vacation.


But I went to see the sights, and so it was nice to be in a quite village.