Jeju Loveland (NSFW)


Jeju Loveland is a sex-themed park in South Korea.

The photos that follow are arguably not safe for work, so keep that in mind before you scroll down.

Anyway, here is my visit to a sex-themed park in South Korea on the island of Jeju.

jeju_with_jon 022

I realize that western people might find that kind of thing shocking.

jeju_with_jon 004

In our culture, it’s not acceptable to display penises and naked people.


However, it’s not uncomfortable in Asia.

jeju_with_jon 045

In fact, Loveland is a popular honeymoon destination.


Before the Internet, it was a joke that couples would go to these kids of parks to learn about “how things are done.”


Its an outdoor park, so make sure to bring sunscreen.


Jeju can be really humid, so it’s best to go in the morning before the day heats up too much.


Bring a group of people or just one other person, but don’t go alone because it’s all about taking pictures!

jeju_with_jon 079

In the pond in the center of the park, there is even a statue of a turtle couple… enjoying each other’s company. I thought that was a funny detail.

jeju_with_jon 126

Thankfully there is an ice cream shop in the back of the park. I highly recommend stopping in to get some to cool down. It’s a big park, and so there is a lot of walking.

jeju_with_jon 047
Definitely bring someone with a sense of humor though, because otherwise it could be awkward.

jeju_with_jon 095

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