Suwon in the Spring

I am not saying that Suwon is the best city in the world, but it is definitely forever nestled somewhere in my heart.


I love my neighborhood (Yeoungtong.) I love the old fortress in the center of the city. I love Everland, our amusement park. And I love out folk village.


Spring in Suwon is full of wonderful flowers, and the weather is amazing.


It’s fantastic to have a hike around the old city walls and look out at all the cherry blossoms below.


In Arizona we didn’t really have flowers in the spring. A few, I guess. But not like in a place with seasons.


Suwon was a really good home. All three years I lived there, I loved it.


Sometimes it was hard to be “the foreigner” and to have to try to learn all the customs that Koreans grow up with overnight.


But in the end, I am glad that I took some time to live overseas and to have all those different experiences.


And by the way, each Korea city has an English catchphrase like “Dynamic Busan” and “Hi Seoul.” (translations not done by a native English speaker.) Suwon’s English catchphrase is “Happy Suwon.”

Every time I say it around it did make me happy to be there.

happy suwon

Author: jendelemont

The Phoenix from the desert rises again in the Pacific.

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