The Trick Eye Museum

There are a lot of great things to do in Seoul, and one of them is the Trick Eye Museum.

Jenifer DeLemont

It’s just a bunch of walls painted so you can take pictures with them, but it’s a lot of fun.


It’s best in a group, because some of the walls are better with two or three people in them. But it’s fun to do the ones that are just for one person as well.

Some of them walls have holes in them so you can more easily become part of the picture.

It only takes about an hour to walk through, and it was about $12 to get in.


If you are ever in Seoul, I definitely recommend The Trick Eye Museum.


Club Spot in Hongdae, Seoul

If you’re looking for counter-culture in Korea, check out Club Spot!

There are a lot of amazing places to go in Seoul, South Korea. There’s the art district in Insadong. There’s the foreigner district called Itaewon. But my favorite place of all is Hongdae, and my favorite place in Hingdae is The Spot.

The Spot is right across the street from Hongik University. If you walk out of exit 12 from the Hongdae subway station, you pass the KFC was hang a left at the first street. It’s on the right, just before you reach the university. Across the street is a really cool park where they often have musicians, street performers, and tents set of with all kinds of cool vendors.

Club Spot is a venue, but their alcohol supply seems to increase every time I go in there, so I think it would be fair to call it a bar too. Some of the coolest bands I’ve seen in Korea, I have seen there.

A recent show I went to that was really fantastic had Loyal to the Grave and Day of Mourning; two really spectacular hardcore bands.

I’ve had some good times at The Spot. I’ve seen a lot of the counter-culture in Korea, which is hard to see. When you first arrive in Korea, it’s easy to see nothing but trendy stores and K-pop. However, when you take some time to delve into the various sub-cultures, you’ll find a lot more cool stuff than the surface club scene might lead you to expect.

I sincerely recommend Club Spot as a killer party place when you’re staying up late in Seoul.