Goth Brooks

Perhaps some of you are aware the Florida Georgia Line (the country band) did a song with Nelly (the rapper.) It was an unlikely mix, but it worked. Really.

In fact, here is the video. Give it a listen:

Well, a friend of mine who has always been involved in awesome projects (see Ikonoklast and Hardwire) is now in a band called Goth Brooks, which is a fusion of country music and heavy metal.

I know you might be thinking that such a mix could never work, but I would argue that it not only works, but it’s hilarious! Songs like “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” will remind you of some of your favorite country hits, but with a delightfully creepy twist.

Don’t take my word for it! Check them out for yourselves and tell me how great they are:

All of you must know at least one person who would enjoy it, so please make sure to share with your friends!

element a440

Phoenix local music kicks ass, and element a440 is awesome!

element a440 in their studio

There are a lot of local Phoenix bands that I keep in rotation along with my favorite national acts. When bands such as element a440, Selfless, or Calabrese come up on my playlist, people wherever I am always say “Wow, these guys are great. Who are they?” What I’m trying to say is, Phoenix has produced a lot of music which is on par in quality with famous bands. Yet, a lot of that talent languishes undiscovered in the somewhat underground local Phoenix music scene.

Halo, the singer

While I was in Arizona for a visit this year, I was lucky enough to run into element a440, one of my very favorite Phoenix bands. I have adored them for the last 10 years, and no one has waited with more rapt attention to review their second CD than yours truly. I review “Selfish,” their first album several years ago when it came out. Since then, I have been hungry for more. Sadly, I had to settle for hearing some of the new tracks, since the album isn’t out yet. I am drooling as I await it’s release.

Ivan, the guitarist

For a feel of what I love about element a440, check out the epic video “Dance Dead.” Yes, the intro is another local band a adore (Hardwire) but then it switches to element a440.

Animal, the drummer (Hiding behind his kit)

The new stuff isn’t as hard hitting. There is a definite mellow tinge to the newer song I checked out, like “Perfect,” which you can check out on YouTube. The video for “Feel” is also available online. Yes, it’s Emo and I usually don’t go for that. However, I appreciate it for the story, the filming, and the music. What these guys do always impresses me and strikes me as absolutely comparable to any major band signed to a label.

Here's some shots with Ivan, Sarah, Halo, Me, and Mandy

I wish I could convey how awesome the energy at their shows is. They put on a killer stage show with all kinds of amazingly well thought out and designed props. I’ve always hated band’s live albums and stuff though, since the music never sounds as good. All I can do is promise you that if you see them live, you won’t regret it!

Sarah and Ivan

A girl I very much consider my little sister, Sarah, is dating the guitarist Ivan. Since I adore her with all my heart, I feel a more person connection to the band than I guess an objective journalist should. However, any Goth kid or metal kid can find an element a440 song that they like. It’s easy to tell your friends about them too, since their on Myspace, Vampirefreaks, and Facebook. I highly recommend you check out their music and pass a link on to your friends. In my opinion, there are a lot of bands out there that deserve to be signed and haven’t been yet, and these guys are definitely on the top of that list!