Goth Brooks

Perhaps some of you are aware the Florida Georgia Line (the country band) did a song with Nelly (the rapper.) It was an unlikely mix, but it worked. Really.

In fact, here is the video. Give it a listen:

Well, a friend of mine who has always been involved in awesome projects (see Ikonoklast and Hardwire) is now in a band called Goth Brooks, which is a fusion of country music and heavy metal.

I know you might be thinking that such a mix could never work, but I would argue that it not only works, but it’s hilarious! Songs like “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” will remind you of some of your favorite country hits, but with a delightfully creepy twist.

Don’t take my word for it! Check them out for yourselves and tell me how great they are:

All of you must know at least one person who would enjoy it, so please make sure to share with your friends!

Author: jendelemont

The Phoenix from the desert rises again in the Pacific.

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