Green Sea Turtle

close up turtle mouth.jpg

There is a green sea turtle that lives at Fish Eye Marine Park on the island of Guam. We call him Larry, but I have no idea what he calls himself.

Anyway, he is tagged, and I am wondering if anyone on the Internet would happen to know how to look up information on a turtle based on the tag. His number seems to be “PI2775.”


He has a pretty bad injury from what seems to be a boat propeller. His shell is broken in places, and one of his back fins is split in half. These injuries are healed, but the scars are permanent.

He is extremely friendly and seems to really love people, so I think he is from a hatchery¬†or a rescue. If he was born in the wild, I don’t think he would be so excited about people.

So, does anyone know how I might find out more?

morning light busted fin view.jpg