Waimanalo Country Farm

scare crows and pumpkins

Near Makapu’u, there is a little farm named Waimanalo Country Farm.

It’s only open to the public on specific dates in the summer and the fall. However, it’s worth it to go out there when you can.


The parking area is dirt, and it’s pretty rough. I recommend taking a car or truck that won’t mind a less improved road.

After you park, you walk in and see a ticket booth. I paid $17 for access to all parts of the farm, which is the best deal.

sunflower feild is awesome

There is a hayride around the perimeter of the farm, a sunflower field, a pumpkin canon, a pumpkin patch, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo is actually quite good, and has a lot of animals. We saw ducklings, turtles, a cow, several types of goats, an alpaca, and a llama. You can buy food for a few dollars extra so all the animals will be very excited to see you.

If you’re allergic to bees, bring your epinephrine, because they are everywhere.

bring your epie pin

As for the rest of the farm, it’s definitely a photo opportunity. A lot of people do their wedding photos, Christmas cards, and other pictures there.

This is because the sunflower field is positively magical, and it’s set in front of some of the most striking mountains on Oahu; making for truly spectacular photos.

Jenifer DeLemont

There isn’t much in the way of things to do other than take photos and pet animals. I would allow for one hour, or two at most if you have kids.

There is food and drinks available, but nothing spectacular.


The important thing to remember is that it’s hot in the Hawaiian sun, so wear a hat and put on plenty of sunscreen.

As we were walking up, I observed several people leaving with glowing red sunburns, and you don’t want that to be you.


They do sell pumpkins there, and they’re a little more expensive than what you’d get at Costco or Lowe’s.

However, I think it’s good to buy from local vendors, so I encourage you to pick out your pumpkins for Halloween here.

pumpkin line

Also, they make and sell local honey products, and you’ll want to get some of those too.

For a family of hour, I’d plan to spend about $150 between admission, pumpkins, and local honey. It’s well worth the trip!

local honey

Best Pumpkins in Town

Pumpkin Patch in Higley
Pumpkin Patch in Higley

One of the best parts about Halloween is the pumpkins. Even if you don’t like Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Seeds, everyone loves carving jack-o-lanterns. You can get a pumpkin anywhere, of course. They sell them in stores and at roadside stands like the one pictured above in Higley, Arizona.


But for the best Pumpkin Patch you will ever see, you have to go to Ray Schnepf’s Farm.


Schnepf Farm

24810 Rittenhouse Road

Queen Creek

(480) 987-3333


Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they are open for anyone to come and explore the Pumpkin Patch. In addition, they have a celebrity corn maze (last year it was supposed to be of Steve Nash). The place is spooky at night too, so check it out on Halloween for the hay ride out to the “haunted” corn maze.


Schnepf Farms is near and dear to most Native Arizonians, who were taken as kids to select the Very Best Pumpkin. It’s still the best Pumpkin Patch in the valley, so if you like carving jack-o-lanterns, you have to make your stop there for the Best Pumpkin Ever.


Oh, and this year’s maze was announced today. Read about it and see a sky-high view in the Arizona Republic Article today in the Valley and State Section. You will have to get a copy of the paper though, as they failed to put it on their Web site. It’s of Muhamad Ali.