Rocky Point, Mexico

good tacos

This (above) is me in front of a fantastic taco shop in Rocky Point, Mexico. When I lived in Phoenix I used to enjoy going down to Rocky Point. It’s about a three hour drive, and it’s a peaceful fishing village where you can enjoy the ocean and get away from the heat.

Now I will admit that the desert on the drive out is kind of boring. You see saguaro up until the boarder, but once you cross into Mexico there isn’t much to see until you get to the ocean.

the hotel

There are plenty of nice hotels to stay in. When I was younger, I always stayed at Playa Bonita, but now several nice hotels have popped up and line the beach.

Rocky Point (or Puetro Penasco, as the locals say) thought they were going to be a popular tourist destination.

Unfortunately, stricter boarder ID laws and bad press did a lot to curb the flow of tourists.

Still, perhaps it’s nice to know that it’s still a quiet fishing village and it’s a peaceful place for a quiet get away.

the perfect view