Everland Resort and Amusement Park

Everland is basically the Disneyland of South Korea. In my opinion, the best times to go are spring or fall.


In spring, you can enjoy their beautiful rose garden, as well as huge planters full of every flower you can imagine all over the park.

everland spring with me in tulips

In fall, they decorate for Halloween and that is a sight to see!

everland_munch 016

It’s located in the city of Suwon, where I loved from 2010 to 2013.


I went several times because it’s a fantastic way to spend a day.¬†Yes, there are roller coasters and other rides! There are games and prizes.


However, there is also a zoo where you can see anything from bears and moneys to an actual Liger (the world’s largest cat.)

everland me with turtles

For children, there is a fairy tale land with really wonderful buildings.


There are both Korean and American fairy tales included.


And in October, they really do a great job decorating the place as if it’s a Halloween theme park. South Korea may not celebrate Halloween like we do, but they certainly enjoy the decorations.


Admission is around $50 US (you can get coupons from the tourism agency for 10% or 20% off) and it’s a short shuttle ride from Suwon Station.


Make sure that is you go, you stay for the light parade at night.


If you’re looking for a fun adventure for a day, I highly recommend it!


Uneo Park in Tokyo, Japan

Uneo park is a wonderful place to spend a day if you happen to be in Tokyo. I really enjoyed Tokyo, and this park was fantastic.

Uneo Park, Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo there are many wonderful places to visit. One of those places in Uneo Park. It’s a beautiful place to see cherry blossoms in the spring. Anytime of year is good to visit though, as it has Tokyo’s first zoo and a variety of other entertaining things to see.

The swan boats are a nice way to pass an evening

The swan boats are affordable to rent, and they are a nice way to see the park. In the pond, there are Koi fish, and turtles. There are also a variety of birds to see.

A six stories Patagonia in the park.

In addition to temples, pretty sights, and the zoo, you can see many other wonderful things. Street performers hang out in Uneo park. You can watch them do magic, dance, and and mime. It’s very exciting. They even have a park for kids with rides and games.

Here is one of the shrines in Uneo Park

You could easily spend an entire day in Uneo Park. I only spent a few hours there, but I rushed through the zoo and skipped the museums. They looked interesting, and I would have liked to see them, but I had other places I wanted to visit.

The kid's play area.

If you want to visit Tokyo and see some beautiful sights without having to travel a lot, I highly recommend Uneo Park.

Given to the Japanese Royal family by the Thai Royal family. In Uneo Park.