My First Korean Wedding

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Me (J.D.) and the bride (J.R.)

I went to my first Korean wedding. The union of Sammy and J.R. was nothing at all like I pictured, so let me show you…

The bride, the groom, and the minister

I pictured a Korean wedding ceremony, but it was a very Western affair. They wore Western-style clothes and had a very Western-inspired ceremony.

Sammy and J.R. cut their cake

Interestingly, they even imitated several of the rituals we do in the west, such as that cute moment when the new couple cuts the cake. But don’t be deceived! It’s not real cake, and no one ate any. It’s a “prop cake” they have at Korean Wedding halls, just so they can take pictures.

And here they are with the faux champagne

They even had a simulation of a Champagne toast. This was actually a fountain made to look like a set up for a Champagne toast, that they took a picture with.

The two families together

It was like a Western wedding, but it was just a bit off. The appearance was right. And yet, Western couples wouldn’t have made some of the calls that Korean wedding chapels do.

Sammy and J.R. in Korean hanbok

Oddly, Korean couples all do these Western ceremonies like the girls see on TV growing up. They want to wear the white dress like modern culture says they should. BUT they also have a Korean ceremony. Since it’s traditional and they are sort of shy about Korean traditions, this ceremony is only for family. So I sat with their friends and other co-workers at a buffet in the wedding hall while they had their Korean service.

Sammy being congratulated by Terry

I tried to photograph them afterwards in their traditional Korean hanbok. They didn’t exactly hold still for it…


Here are the sister-in-laws in their hanbok

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