Travel Series

joshua tree

I have written about places I have been and things I have done.

But, a friend asked me to write about tips for travel. I think what she wants to know is: What is it really like?

That is a hard question, because so much of going places is what you bring with you. Not in your backpack, but in your head.


I don’t have any mystical knowledge. I mean, you read these blogs by travel writers and they always have their “Five Hot Tips” for seeing some part of the world.

Then there are those introspective pieces trying to tell you how you should act on vacation, claiming that it’s important to “embrace the loneliness” and “just be.”

I have traveled Europe, Asia, and the Americas. So I guess I am allowed to have a say. And as far as I can tell, it’s really an experience too individualized to be neatly put in a box where it can be said that “this is how it is.”


I won’t tell you how you should travel. I don’t know. But I do have a few things that I can share from my experiences.

So, let April be the month of travel tips!

P.S. Remember that no one can tell you how you should do things. This series of posts will be nothing but my opinion.


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The Phoenix from the desert rises again in the Pacific.

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