Where is Guam?


Guam is a US territory located in the Pacific Ocean. The United States took ownership of Guam for the Japanese during WWII, and since then the islanders have been trying to work with the US government in partnership.


I moved to Guam when my husband got orders here in 2015, and we will make it our home until the military sends us somewhere else.


At first it was hard to adjust, because it is a very small island and it is very isolated. That means giving up things like fresh fruit and vegetables (which mostly don’t grow here because the island is coral.)

guam-october-2014 333

However, it also means new experiences and being on a tropical island, so that is an exciting change. I had always wanted to be on the equator because I love plants.


I will make sure to tell you all about the exciting things that I learn about Guam.