Inarajan Falls

inerajan one forty

The town of Inarajan is most famous for a set of pools fed by ocean water that are good for swimming, and also some nice views.

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Malojoj Falls is more of a hidden gem. You drive up to the middle school, and park outside the fence. There’s a road into the jungle, and you follow it out of the trees and into the open plains.

on the trail

The red dirt is pretty and the tall grass is full of ground orchids.

lam lam seventy two

You can even find passion flowers at the right time of year.

lam lam one seventy six

If you follow the trail, it will take you over a stream and into a bamboo forest.

inerajan eleven

Keep going down hill, and you’ll come to the falls. I recommend bringing gloves, because there are ropes you need to hold to get down the steep parts.

inerajan ten

The falls are bigger after the rainy season, but they are nice any time of year.

inerajan thirteen

There is a set of smaller waterfalls when you first come down the slope, and then if you go upstream, you’ll see a taller waterfall.

inerajan twenty one

There’s a nice little spot to sit and listen to the water, and there is even a hammock (above you can see my husband laying in it.)

inerajan nineteen

The owner of the land is fine with people visiting, as long as they clean up their trash. Make sure you pick up after yourself. If you sit and relax for awhile, you will see butterflies come up to drink from the lower falls, and to eat from the flowers that are planted all around. It’s a really nice place to spend an afternoon.

inerajan twenty three

Again, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and water! Wear plants because some of the plants have thorns, and definitely A hat for crossing the sunny plains.

me in hiking gear