Mount Lam Lam

passion vine 1
This hike varies in difficulty depending on the weather. If you go early enough in the morning and it is a windy day, this can be a very nice hike.

wild orchid

If the air is still and you wait until too late in the day, it’s murder.

orange flower (big)

Either way, bring a lot of sunscreen because there is very little shade.

rich from the back

Also, make sure to have mosquito repellent for any spots you make in the shade. If it has been rainy (and it usually is) you will see a lot of mosquitoes.

rich and the view

There are two tops to Mount Lam Lam, and there is some dispute as to which one is the “real” top.

rich with crosses

On the right hand path, you will follow the stations of the cross up to one of the tops of the mountain. This has wonderful views of the ocean and many locals consider it the real top.


However, if you take the left hand path, you will get to the top of the mountain that is officially recognized as the top.


I have done both. The top with the crosses is a much shorter path because it goes straight up.


On the other hand, the surveyors top takes you down into the jungle, and then back up along a poorly marked trial until at last you climb the rocks to the marker.


It’s a beautiful view from either spot, and I recommend doing both (though maybe not in the same day.)


If you are Catholic, you might appreciate the little shrine about halfway up before the trail splits off.


Definitely take some time to enjoy the ground orchids, passion vines, and other beautiful plants.


On an amusing side note: The locals consider Mount Lam Lam to be the tallest mountain in the world because they measure from the bottom of the Marianas Trench to the top of the peak.


Therefore, if you climb Mount Lam Lam, you can amuse your friends by saying you climbed the tallest mountain in the world.