Another Gratuitous Sunset Post

sunset one eighty eight

I discovered when trying to show you all the sunsets that I have seen that I can only post forty at once. I use a free WordPress site for my blog, and apparently there are limitations (which is fine, because it’s free.)


Anyway, here are the rest of the sunsets I wanted to show you in my June 5th post.

sunset one eighty five


sunset one eighty nine


sunset one eighty three


sunset one eighty two


sunset one eighty


sunset one eleven


sunset one fifty eight


sunset one fifteen


(Note: We have an Airforce Base at the tip of the island and sometimes they play in the sunset.)

sunset one fifty nine


sunset one fifty one (2)


sunset one fifty six


sunset one fifty


sunset one forty five


sunset one forty nine


sunset one hundred one


sunset one seventeen



sunset two twenty


sunset two oh six


sunset two oh seven


sunset two oh one


sunsets two four three

Twenty One.

sunset two twenty four

Twenty Two.

sunset ten

Twenty Three.

sunset two oh eight

Twenty Four.

sunset one hundred thirty four

Twenty Five.

sunset two thirty six

Twenty Six.

sunset one sixty seven

Twenty Seven.

sunset one oh six

Twenty Eight.

sunset one seventy nine

Twenty Nine.

sunset twelve


sunset two oh five

Thirty One.


Thirty Two.

sunset two fifteen

Thirty Three.


Thirty Four.

sunset on the beach in hawaii with kristi

Thirty Five.

sunset sixty eight

Thirty Six.

sunset sixty three

Thirty Seven.

sunset one

Thirty Eight.

sunset two twenty nine

Thirty Nine.

sunset one tweleve


sunsets two four two

Of course it’s always better to see a tropical sunset in person. So, maybe some visit me in Guam and come see one!



I went to visit my friend Sarah Huxhold in Seattle. While I was there, I had a great time driving around the Olympic Peninsula, visiting the parks and the troll under the bridge, and even going downtown to see Pike’s Peak market.


The very best parts about Seattle (in my opinion) are the fresh salmon and the fresh berries. I absolutely love blueberries and raspberries, and grilled salmon right out of the water is amazing.


Of course everyone was smoking pot in the streets, because it’s legal now in Washington. I didn’t mind so much. It smells better than cigarettes when you’re walking by.


For me though, it’s the crafts, the art, and the food that really makes me love Seattle. Well, that and my friends who live there! It really is a wonderful place.


Dan Tedesco at The Sail Inn in Tempe

The Sail Inn is a great spot, and Dan Tedesco is awesome live!

Dan Tedesco and band
Dan Tedesco and band


 I was supposed to be with my family Friday. But they ditched me, so I went to the Dan Tedesco show at The Sail Inn by myself last Friday. All I can say is; they’re sorry they missed it!

 The Sail Inn spent some time as Trax recently, before going back to being called The Sail Inn. While it was Trax, it underwent some very nice re-modeling and all of that is still there. There are plush couches, mirrored walls, and lots of nice places to chill. There are still two rooms inside and a big bar, and there is still a huge outside area with lots of tables and chairs.


Main Room
Main Room


In better weather, the show would have been on the outdoor stage. But of course, this is summer in Arizona. So the show was on the smaller stage inside. (Which was just fine for Dan and his band.)

 The Sail Inn filled up fast. The crowd was, as always, more diverse than at any other bar or venue I go to. There were people that looked barely 21, and people who looked like they could be grandparents. That has always been one of the nicest things about The Sail Inn. Anyone can go there and feel welcome. It’s not easy to find, and it’s literally on the “wrong side of the tracks” from Mill Avenue. But if you find your way to 1st Street and Farmer and you find The Sail Inn, you will feel welcome no matter who you are.


Lounge Area
Lounge Area


Dan Tedesco is a Chicago native who I met when he was attending ASU. At the time, he was a one-man-show. He had a lot of funny lyrics blended with uplifting rock n’ roll. After some time in Los Angeles and a pilgrimage back to Chicago, Dan has a whole band behind him now and a much bigger collection of songs.

 His songs are still infused with his quirky sense of humor, and they are still good old rock n’ roll. But the music has really filled out with the band behind him. It has room to become more complex, and more rich and enveloping.

 I have always had a hard time describing Dan’s style, because to me, it’s rock n. roll. But these days, people don’t believe in rock n’ roll anymore. They want to hear a complex genera description like “alternative-metal-rock” or something. I have explained other music as fusions of various genres. But in the case of Dan Tedesco, the music can’t be described as anything other than pure rock n’ roll.

Think vocals that are kind of like Tom Petty, but a little less stoned and more passionate; and then rock music with some Jimmy Hendricks-like guitar solos. That’s the best I can do. But you can hear it for yourself on Dan’s web site or on his Myspace, and in this case, that might be best.

 Overall, it was a good night. The Sail Inn is still a fun place to go, and Dan is still a great musician to go check out.

Heading North

Northern Arizona has a lot to offer anyone heading out of town.

Jennica on a rock
Jennica on a rock

I apologize for the picture quality in this blog. I forgot my camera at home, and had to buy a disposable camera on my way up. I forgot how bad the pictures are from those.


In the forest
In the forest

Hiking in Northern Arizona is beautiful any time of year. It’s particularly beautiful in summertime to me because I love ferns and the sound of aspen leaves in the wind. I took my friend’s daughter hiking just outside Flagstaff in Snowbowl, which is a ski resort in the winter, but in the summer it’s criss-crossed with wonderful hiking trails.


The two of us
The two of us

We did a moderate trail, and we didn’t run into any people. It was very peaceful and quiet. I would definitely recommend Snowbowl for hiking.


Jennica and her dad
Jennica and her dad

After I returned a very tired Jennica to her dad in Cottonwood, I headed back to Phoenix. My favorite stop was always Sunset Point, but it has been closed for years. I was excited to see it open again, and completely remodeled.


Sitting area at Sunset Point
Sitting area at Sunset Point

There are observation decks, spacious bathrooms, and places to relax and sit. They really did a wonderful job with Sunset Point, so make sure to stop there the next time you head north.

Observation patios
Observation patios

The Paisley

This is the sign you see from Grand Avenue
This is the sign you see from Grand Avenue



The Paisley Violin

Grand Avenue Galleries 

 The Paisley Violin is an art space at 1030 NW Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix. There are a lot of neat little art spaces downtown, but this one has good cookies. From tasty food to awesome Chai Tea, this space could certainly be called a restaurant. However, it’s much more than that. Some places are a work of art, and The Paisley Violin definitely fits that description. Renovated by the owner Eric and his friends, the counters are brushed steal with wood trim. The ceiling beams are left exposed, with things suspended in them like an old violin. From the floor to the fish tank, everything was done with the help of customers and friends.

“The reason why it is what it is, I have to say, is because of the individuals,” said Courtney Smith, a Mesa resident who provides security for the Paisley Violin on First Fridays.  

There is a feeling of community among downtown Phoenix businesses that is much different from the competitive feel of other cultural hot spots like Mill Avenue. The galleries on The First Friday Art Walk and venue owners downtown are more willing to cross-promote, even if it might mean customers going elsewhere for the night. There are flyers for events at other venues on the counter at The Paisley Violin, and no one minds a bit. This sense of community and friendship seems built into the walls at The Paisley Violin, where local artists and musicians perform, and where local residents hang out.

The stage is small. It’s hardly big enough for a three piece band. But then, there are lots of local artists who perform solo, like Alden Powers, who performs alone with his guitar. There are plenty of large stages near by, so The Paisley fills its own niche with a space for smaller ensembles.



I definitely recommend a trip to The Paisley Violin. It’s a little crowded on a First Friday, so drop by during the week when you have time to enjoy a sandwich and check out the construction of this unique art space.


Check out their site